Oct 102011

Photography 1 on 1

This channel is sponsored by Adorama one of the large US photographic stores. It features Mark Wallace as the presenter. Mark covers mainly shooting topics and occasionally editing in Photoshop. The topics he covers are chosen from questions he receives from viewers of his videos. Each video lasts about 15 minutes and they are uploaded to YouTube regularly.

This is a recent video on focus basics.

Photo Gavin

The presenter of these videos is Gavin Hoey a UK photographer. Gavin’s videos usually cover editing in Photoshop and sometimes Lightroom and occasionally he covers practical shooting tips. His videos last between about 7 and 15 minutes depending on the subject covered.

This is a recent video about Time Lapse photography.


To make it easy to find when a new video is published from each of these presenters you can subscribe to their channels on YouTube. You then receive an email each time a new video is published. Just go to YouTube and create an account if you don’t already have one. Search for one of the videos above and once you have found it click on the subscribe button just above the video and you will start to receive the notifications.


If you have any relevant YouTube channels that you are subscribed to please post a comment and include your recommendation.


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