Sep 182011

I recently bought this book from Amazon for £17 and it was worth every penny. It is written by Matt Kloskowski who works for Kelby Media who run the National Association of Photoshop Professionals  amongst other things Photoshop. Matt has written several other books on Photoshop and Lightroom that I have and I like his style of writing. It is clear but sometimes a little repetitive.

The books starts with a long chapter about compositing (combining 2 or more images to make one new one) and includes the url of where all the photos, used in each of the following chapters, can be downloaded from. The book then has 15 chapters with each detailing the necessary steps to create different sorts of composite images. One excellent thing is that Matt covers the lighting he used of the subject and the background for each of the composites to ensure that the images look realistic. This book is intended for users of Photoshop CS5 as it makes full use of the updated refine edge feature found in this version.

Matt shoots each of his images in RAW and first edits them in Adobe Camera RAW before loading them in to Photoshop CS5 as smart objects. I must admit that I knew CS5 had smart objects but wasn’t aware of the value of them until seeing how Matt uses them in this book. I must admit that generally I use Lightroom for my photo editing but if I do use Photoshop I will ensure that I open the RAW images as smart objects in future.

All in all this is an excellent book and will make a good addition for any photo editors library. I certainly learnt a few things from it and it has encouraged me to shoot more composites in the future.


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