Apr 032012

I have a camera mount that I bought cheaply of eBay some while ago for the mounting of a camera (still or video providing it has a standard tripod mount thread) on a motorbike or bicycle. It doesn’t have quite enough range of movement to suit my current motorcycle, a Honda Valkyrie, with all the other things that I have mounted on the handlebars.

Existing mount

Existing mount

I therefore went looking for a now one with more range of movement. I found one that had much more movement and looked very flexible as it would fit onto tubes of up to 40mm in diameter and so would be suitable for mounting on handlebars, risers or engine bars.

New mount

I mounted it onto the risers to get a lower view of the road ahead and it looked great, locked on easily and didn’t mark the chrome.

Video camera mounted right side

Video camera from rear


Unfortunately this mounting was not very successful as it was too flexible in one of the joints and it did not keep the camera still. The joint in question is shown in the photo below, there is no way to tighten this joint as it is spring loaded and the spring tension is too light to dampen any vibrations.

Joint highlighted

This is an example of the video shot with this mount (it is low quality on purpose) and it has had YouTubes’ image stabiliser setting applied.  I hope that it doesn’t make you feel too queasy watching it.

This is an example of a video shot with the old mount.

I have not singled out the eBay supplier of this new mount as I don’t think that it is fair as there are many suppliers on eBay offering this mount.  My advice would be not to buy this type of mount for a video camera if you want to mount it on a motorcycle. It may be suitable for mounting on a car or bicycle but I haven’t tested it.

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