Sep 232011 is a new (to me) website and is similar in some respects to but at the moment it has none of the issues that Flickr has. Recently it has been receiving lots of good press and the standard of the majority of the photos is excellent.

There are two levels of membership ‘Free’ and ‘Awesome’. The free membership allows you to upload a maximum of 20 photos in a rolling 7 day period and allows you to have one portfolio of your images. The Awesome membership, which costs $50 per annum, allows unlimited uploading of photos and also a portfolio of images orgainsed by type and much more. Both allow a free blog and a free domain for people to view your images. The site allows ‘Nude Content’ to be uploaded but it is up to the individual user whether they see this content or not.

The site is intended to be a showcase for your best photographs. Most members stick to this, but of course not everyone’s assessment is the same. Rather like the social media websites it allows you to have friends and followers of your photos and it allows comments and voting on any of the photos that you upload.

The Photos section of the site is split in to Popular, Editors Choice, Upcoming, Favourites and Fresh. Popular are those photos that are receiving a lot of votes from members. Editors Choice are photographs selected by the sites owners that they particularly like. Upcoming are photographs that have received a lot of recent votes but haven’t yet made it into Popular. Favourites are the photographs that users have selected to make a favourite of theirs. Finally Fresh is where all the newly uploaded photographs are displayed, needless to say this page on the site changes very frequently.

Even if you don’t want to post any of your own images to the site it is still worth a visit to look at some of the excellent inspiring images.

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Sep 212011

The Grid is a weekly podcast shown live at Kelby TV – The Grid at 4pm EST every Wednesday. It is then made available to watch as a replay on Friday on the same website.

This show is usually presented by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski and covers various aspects of photography. There are frequently guest speakers who are interviewed in a very friendly style by the two presenters.

Each episode typically lasts for just over an hour and are well worth watching. You can interact with the live show via Twitter and there is usually a competition with a prize for both the viewers of the live show and also the re-broadcast on the web.

Photoshop User TV is available as a podcast available for viewing at Kelby TV – Photoshop User TV. This programme is presented typically by 3 of the trainers form Kelby Training. It covers tricks and tips in using Photoshop and occasionally Lightroom. Each show lasts around 20 minutes and it is published about every 10 days. It is presented in a light hearted manner and is worth watching. A prize is usually awarded to the best comment left about the show on the website.

Lightroom Killer Tips is a podcast available for viewing at Kelby TV – Lightroom Killer Tips. This programme is presented by Matt Kloskowski. It is purely a tutorial show for Lightroom users. Each episode lasts typically 10 minutes and covers an aspect of Lightroom that you may not have thought about.

This is a must watch show for any user of Lightroom.

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Sep 202011

I am organising a Photo Walk as part of the World Wide Photo Walk on Saturday 1st October 2011 in Ondara, Spain.

We will be starting at 10am outside the Bull Ring. I have negotiated with the Town Hall and we will have full access to take photos in the bull ring of anything we like. Once we have had enough time here we will wander around the ‘Old Town’ to find some more interesting photographic subjects and end back at the bar next door to the bull ring.

Participation in the event is free but you must register on the World Wide Photo Walk website, there is still room for a few more people to participate. I hope to see some of you there.

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Sep 182011

I recently bought this book from Amazon for £17 and it was worth every penny. It is written by Matt Kloskowski who works for Kelby Media who run the National Association of Photoshop Professionals  amongst other things Photoshop. Matt has written several other books on Photoshop and Lightroom that I have and I like his style of writing. It is clear but sometimes a little repetitive.

The books starts with a long chapter about compositing (combining 2 or more images to make one new one) and includes the url of where all the photos, used in each of the following chapters, can be downloaded from. The book then has 15 chapters with each detailing the necessary steps to create different sorts of composite images. One excellent thing is that Matt covers the lighting he used of the subject and the background for each of the composites to ensure that the images look realistic. This book is intended for users of Photoshop CS5 as it makes full use of the updated refine edge feature found in this version.

Matt shoots each of his images in RAW and first edits them in Adobe Camera RAW before loading them in to Photoshop CS5 as smart objects. I must admit that I knew CS5 had smart objects but wasn’t aware of the value of them until seeing how Matt uses them in this book. I must admit that generally I use Lightroom for my photo editing but if I do use Photoshop I will ensure that I open the RAW images as smart objects in future.

All in all this is an excellent book and will make a good addition for any photo editors library. I certainly learnt a few things from it and it has encouraged me to shoot more composites in the future.


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Sep 152011

I have started this blog to offer information to other photographers regardless of where they live in the world.

This blog will have reviews of websites, books and equipment. It will also include “How To’s” on the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.

I am semi-retired and live in the Costa Blanca area of Spain. I run a part-time wedding photography business with a friend Key Wedding Photography.

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