Sep 262011

SuffusionI thought I would do a little coverage of how I built this website and thought that you may find it of interest.

The site is built on WordPress which started life as a blogging platform but has now evolved into a CMS (content Management System) as well. WordPress is a free programme that comes included with many web hosting packages or it can be downloaded from the WordPress website. WordPress comes with one theme built in but it is themes and plug-ins that enhance WordPress and make it a useable platform.

This site is built using the Suffusion theme from Sayontan Sinha. This theme is also free. It is the most flexible and fully featured theme that I have come across and it is very easy to customise to give the look and feel that you want. Suffusion comes with 17 pre-defined colour schemes and by use of the configuration options it is easy to alter these colours to suit the look that you want. As a result I have used this theme to build several¬† sites for both blogging and for conventional websites. You can read more about Suffusion’s functionality on Sayontan’s site and also on the WordPress site.

Extra functionality can be added with plug-ins. One that is in use on this site is Photonic also from Sayontan Sinha. This again is a free piece of software (GPL licence) and it allows the automatic integration of Flickr, Picasa and 500px galleries with your WordPress site. It is the plug-in used on this site to integrate images from my 500px gallery in this blog. Again it is easy to setup and use the only challenge was getting a key from 500px support to allow this site to access my gallery, it took about 48 hours to get but now I have it everything is working flawlessly. Once it is setup all you do is add a photo to your online gallery and it will be automatically added to your website.

Dedicated generous people like Sayontan allow pretty much anyone to create a professional looking website. My thanks goes out to him and the other authors of GPL licenced software.

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